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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Jen Gobeli

Finding a therapist can be time consuming and overwhelming. This page is designed to give you a snapshot to see if we would be a good fit.
If you find yourself....


  • Ready to explore emotions and feelings

  • Curious about patterns, habits and routines

  • Wanting to practice new techniques and strategies in hopes of feeling better

...then let’s talk.  

What you should know about therapy

There are no magic wands to miraculously ease your negative symptoms; however, during our time together you will be equipped with skills and strategies to start using immediately.  
Sitting with uncomfortable and scary emotions is part of the process; the good thing is, you won’t be alone and we will confront these difficult things together.
Therapy doesn’t change the past but will give you tools to deal with the effects of it.
Growth happens outside of session, when you actively use the strategies that we have gone over together.

​In order to benefit from therapy, you will need to:

  • Actively engage in treatment

  • Regularly attend appointments

  • Practice strategies and complete homework in between sessions


You have to want to get better! 

Calm Lake

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